Meeple Creeples are more than just meeples!

They are customisable meeples where the tops and bottoms can be swapped with other Meeple Creeples.

We all Love Meeples

We all love Meeples! Whether they are mini cowboys, diddy deep sea divers or even just the plain old classic meeple, they bring a third dimension to your game. However, the standard meeple design is static in its ability to adapt to your game. What can be done to bring more life into your meeples?

Let us present to you the Meeple Creeple, quickly customisable meeples with 3 dimensional designs that will bring new life to any tabletop experience. Each Meeple Creeple can be split into two pieces and combined with another to create new characters for any board game, tabletop game or RPG. Just imagine! Your brave astronaut succumbs to the attacking alien monster and suddenly sprouts tentacles instead of legs (maniacal laugh). With Meeple Creeples, this can be represented on the board in real time without having to purchase a special custom ‘astronaut with tentacles’ piece!

More than a just a Meeple

By swapping the tops and bottoms of the various Meeple Creeple designs you get to create your own individual character. How many different characters are possible, I hear you ask? Series 1 will include a total of six different designs, giving you the ability to create over 60 unique characters!

Meet the Gang!

Meeple Creeples are 20mm customizable meeples. This first series will contains: Classic Meeple, Robot, Killer Plant, Alien, Monk and the Kickstarter exclusive, Astronaut! 
Classic Design
Killer Plant

Series 1 Kickstarter Exclusive

The series 1 Kickstarter is the only opportunity to get your hands on this series’ exclusive: The Astronaut! Future production of Series 1 will include a different design for the 6th Meeple Creeple.

The retail version of series 1 will include The Cosmonaut instead of The Astronaut.
Meeple Creeple set are available in 5 different colours: Grey, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Red and Beige (actual colours may vary). 
Click picture above to visit our Etsy store for your very own set.
Series 1 will be 3D printed from resin. This material can even be painted on by you, for extra customisation!
(picture shows Astronaut which was only available in the Kickstarter version of series 1).

How they work

The Meeple Creeples employ a simple removable click-pin design for speed and ease of use. Each set include spare pins and a Pin Removal Tool (PRT). This means you can even fit 2 Meeple Creeple bottoms or tops together, which would have been impossible with a static pin design.
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